The Friends of St. Camillus enhance the quality of life for St. Camillus residents and patients.

Our Mission

The Friends of St. Camillus (previously known as the St. Camillus Auxiliary) was organized in 1992 as a volunteer organization, whose mission is to enhance the daily quality of life of St. Camillus residents and patients.  The Friends of St. Camillus make a positive impact upon day-to-day life at St. Camillus. Their services and programs include:

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is staffed by volunteers, and sells a variety of items for the convenience and enjoyment of patients, residents, families and staff. From candy and snacks to gift items and greeting cards, the Gift Shop offers one-stop shopping to residents, patients, Day Health Program participants, visitors and staff.

Special Needs Grant Program

The Friends of St. Camillus offers a grant program to makes funds available to departments and programs at St. Camillus.  Funds may be used to purchase additional equipment, improve facility common areas and make other enhancements to benefit patients, residents and families. Since 2012, over $160,000 in grants have been awarded to the facility to make improvements and enhance services provided.

Membership Dues

We like to say that the Friends of St. Camillus puts the fun in fundraising, and we are always looking for new members to get involved. We meet every other month, with no meetings in the summer. Please consider joining us. Membership is only $15 a year (or just $10 if you’re over 62). You’ll meet new people, have fun, and experience first-hand the positive impact that our efforts make on our community. For more information about joining the Friends of St. Camillus, please click and print our brochure Friends of St Camillus brochure.

Fundraising Projects

Successful activities, such as the Spring into Summer Fashion Show & Luncheon, Light the Way Campaign, Election Day Bake Sale and other events have generated solid support for our service programs.

Fundraising Projects Include:
‘Spring Into Summer’ Fashion Show and Luncheon – This event is presented every spring. Attendees enjoy a delicious luncheon, an exciting preview of spring and summer-ready fashions provided by area retailers, and the opportunity to enter to win a 50-50 raffle, and one of several themed gift baskets.


IMG_3728Light the Way Campaign – The Light the Way fundraiser offers donors the opportunity to sponsor ‘lights’ on display at St. Camillus that remain lit throughout the holiday season.

Membership dues and other funds raised by the Friends of St. Camillus sponsor many services and programs, and purchase various types of equipment that directly benefit the residents and patients at St. Camillus.

The Friends of St. Camillus, along with supportive board members, achieves its mission through a variety of service and fundraising activities. The main purpose of our service programs is the development, operation and management of services that directly benefit residents, patients and their families.

For more information about the Friends of St. Camillus, please call us at 315-703-0818, or email us using our contact form.